News from the Board of Directors

Board Meetings will be held monthly, open to all members and the public, on a regular schedule, hopefully at the same location each month, to be announced!  Meetings will be held on the Second Thursday of each month, at 6 pm, in the meeting room at the City of Barron City Hall.  The meeting room is on the East end of the building and the door to use is the one by ramp with the guard rails) first door to the South of the SE corner of the building.

The Membership Meeting and Election will be held each January.  All members are invited.  Voting members will elect board members to positions that are open due to term expirations or that were filled by appointments during the preceding  year.  

New board members take their positions at the April meeting each year.  Until April the current board members are active.  Alicia has moved out of the other but the others are currently active.  The new members who will join the board at the April meeting are:   Steve Brock, Bob Carrick, Kari Harrison and Maureen (MO) Tollman were elected to full terms after being appointee’s for less than one year each.  Alicia moved from the area and left the board when she moved.  The new board will elect officers at their first meeting in April.  (President, VP, Secretary and Treasurer).

HSBC’s Board of Directors

Mike Harvey             President                    

Katie Koser               VP                              

Cari Colegrove          Secretary                   

Katherine Elchert      Treasurer                    

Holly Gonzalez          Board Member           

Danielle Schultz        Board Member           

Shoshonna Moe        Board Member