Report a Found Animal?

If you have found an animal, thank you for taking the time to find it’s home. Just because it was wandering does NOT mean that no one is looking for it. Please submit the form below to give us more information on the animal you have found

If the animal in question is wearing a rabies tag, you can call the number for the vet clinic on the tag and they will be able to find that owner’s information. If a dog is wearing a dog license tag, you should be able to call your town clerk to get necessary contact information.

Please do not giveĀ  a found animal away! There is a very good chance it’s owner is trying to find it – we receive hundreds of “I lost my dog/cat” calls every year that are never resolved. We would much rather an animal be brought to the shelter where it will have a chance to find it’s owner than be kept or gifted to someone else while it’s family waits and worries for it.

These other websites are great assets in finding a lost pet’s owner

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin

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