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Please read this article about national organizations.  They do NOT share donations locally.

The Humane Society of Barron County is a non-profit animal shelter serving Barron County and surrounding areas. HSBC relies heavily on funds from donations, adoptions, memberships, and fundraisers to keep our doors open for the animals who need us. Please consider making a donation today. Your generosity and support will help us continue with our mission to house, care for and re-home the many pets that come through our door each year.

Click “log into Amazon via Smile” before you shop and Amazon Smile will send HSBC a quarterly check for a percentage of the price of all purchases made.  This link takes you to the page that directs donations to HSBC, then you can shop Amazon just like before and we benefit while your own costs do not go up.

Share this information in as many ways as you can!  The URL to share is:

Log into Amazon via Smile here!

Also, while on AMAZON, you can search WISHLISTS  for us under, or our name Humane Society of Barron County and purchase items from our list that will be shipped directly to us as a donation from you.

Another site that sends donations to Charities based on shopping dollars is igive.  They donate a portion of money spent at more than 1500 stores.  The igive site combines with Amazon smile.  You do have to pick HSBC as your charity however.  You can do that by clicking the link below.

Log into igive for HSBC here!


Donate to HSBC via mail or in person with the form below!

Printable Membership and Donation Form

It only takes a minute to make a one time only or a recurring monthly tax-deductible donation to help the animals at HSBC.

Donate to HSBC via PAYPAL below!


Before you finalize your donation you can “Add special instructions to the seller” and note any preferred use of your donation, or, if it is a donation “In Memory of – or – In Honor of” .


Thank you for your generosity!