About Us

The Humane Society of Barron County is a non-profit animal shelter serving Barron County and surrounding areas.

The shelter was established in 1978 by a small but dedicated group of core volunteers. Originally, the volunteers were taking animals into their home and advertising their need for new homes the best they could. After much fundraising and planning, we moved into a tiny building on Wisconsin Avenue in Rice Lake next to the Waste Water Treatment plant. We quickly outgrew that building and spent many years fundraising for a bigger better shelter, which included the task of finding land that would allow such a facility to be built on it. In 1997, thanks to the donation of land by the City of Barron, the current shelter on Guy Avenue in Barron was built and moved into and we’ve been there ever since.

We are dedicated and diligent in finding permanent, loving homes for all companion animals that have found their way to HSBC.  All incoming animals are evaluated, vaccinated and medically treated if possible (within reasonable financial boundaries).  We work with rescue organizations, fellow shelters, and HSBC approved foster homes in order to reach our goal of finding “forever” homes for all adoptable animals in our care.

HSBC is operated by a small staff and relies heavily on volunteers, as well as funds from donations, adoptions, memberships and fundraisers to keep our doors open for the animals needing our assistance. Please stop in to visit us today, and maybe you’ll just find the companion you’ve been looking for!

NOTICE: As of January 1st, 2015 the Humane Society of Barron County will no longer be handling Barron County strays dogs since our financial contract to do so has expired and not been renewed.

If you find a stray dog, please contact Happy Tales Pet Boarding and Daycare listed below, your local law enforcement agency or the Barron County Sheriff’s Department at their non-emergency number:  715-537-3106.   

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HSBC will take in stray cats as space is available. Please call ahead to see if there is room available and to make arrangements to come in during regular business hours. To help us better help the lost pets, please be sure to have the address or general location where the cat was found, keep any collars or tags with the cat and help us spread the information. We would like nothing more than to get them home to their families that love and miss them.

HSBC does not have the authority to pick up stray animals.